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Better Lighting in your Socket 

More Money in your Pocket!

Save Money By Upgrading To Commercial LED

Most Businesses are Overpaying For Terrible Lighting

Money Wasted

Look up! Odds are your business is throwing money away with poor, inefficient lighting.

Health Concerns

Yesterday's lighting is unhealthy. Common complaints are fatigue, headaches, and low morale.


Outdated lighting has a long term negative impact on our environment.

Saving Money with Better Lighting Is Easy

Reduce Your Monthly Light Bill

Commercial LED lighting saves you an average of 50-80% on your monthly light bill! Upgrading to LED cuts operating costs and increases your profit.

Lower Energy Consumption

Commercial LED lighting is efficient. It produces cleaner light and less heat.

It's Just Better

You get superior lighting that allows you to see better and feel better. Plus there's no out of pocket cost.


How To Get The Government To Pay For Your New Lights

At EcoLumos, we understand that upgrading your lights might seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. We make the process painless and simple. In no time at all you, your staff, and your customers will be enjoying better lighting.

3 Easy Steps To Better Lighting

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Schedule a FREE Consultation to start saving. You have nothing to lose except your high electric bill.

We Do the Math

We count your lights, calculate your cost savings and present you with a step by step plan.

Be the Hero

You are now "The Hero" that upgraded the lights while saving the company a ton of money.

What Clients are Saying

Constantly changing light bulbs is expensive and a pain in the rear. I asked Colleen with EcoLumos to come in for a coffee and look at my lights. After we spoke, she formulated a plan and took care of everything to upgrade my lighting. Now my shop is beautifully lit and the lower monthly light bill covered the cost of the upgrade! 

I am so happy. My customers love the warm elegant lighting and my staff loves the bright kitchen lights! And for me?  No more changing light bulbs every month.

Hanh Nguyen, The Perfect Latte  Richmond, Texas

What an awesome experience working with EcoLumos. They came out right away for our consultation. I highly recommend all business owners contact them. You will be delighted how easy they make it to save you money while providing beautiful lighting.

- Tim George, Pet Store Owner Katy, Texas

We were looking forward to the cost savings- lower electric bills. But we were thrilled when the lights were turned on for the first time. We saw how much better the lighting with the new LED fixtures was. Our customers and neighbors are amazed. The brightness seems like a miracle, with lower wattage than what we were using before.

- Diana Patel, Business Owner Houston, Texas

Most businesses are overpaying for terrible lighting. We help you switch to LED lighting that pays for itself; so your business will have better lighting and you can keep more money in your pocket.

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